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Oil has been the major source of cooking ever since the civilization begun, right from time memorial , humans have been extracting oil from various source of edible ingredients from nature for cooking purposes. The list of edible oil includes Gingelly oil , groundnut oil, refined sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, wheat barn oil and so on . But there are various myths and facts about what one should use for cooking and what one shouldn’t. So, We have come up with the list of oil that is best to use for cooking . As we always wish to deliver quality products to our customers, we make sure that we deliver 100 % natural and organic oil and products that is healthy for our customers. In this world of food adulteration, we wish to deliver 100 % natural products with genuine ingredients that give you a home-made finish and hand-made taste that restores the authentic taste of the Indian cuisine. We also have healthy and organic products that one needs to include in their day-to-day life

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Organic is healthy

This oil is purely organic with) % of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Hence this oil/products are 100% natural. These products are healthier and tastier than conventional food.

Virgin Oils

These virgin oils helps in maintaining your heart and body by enhancing your metabolism. It acts as an anti-bacterial element when consumed.

Higher standards

Organic foods stands out from conventional food because of its high standards with no trace of synthetic chemicals , irradiation and GMOs.

Organic tastes better

Organic products grows slowly and is not subjected to fertilizers . the slow process allows it to grow on its own pace hence it helps to retain the authentic taste of the dishes.

Higher levels of nutrients

Studies found that organic food has comparatively higher anti-oxidants , vitamin C , nitrates and some polyphenols and moderately high in proteins.

Better for the planet

Organic farmers basically do not use any type of synthetic pesticides , fertilizers , fungicides , herbicides to grow their produce.


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